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HSE Library Electronic Resources

HSE Library provides access to a variety of electronic collections relevant to the research areas and curricula of HSE St. Petersburg.

HSE Library is subscribed to:

  • more than 18 000 full-text periodicals and serial publications;
  • more than 170 000 full-text  e-books and book series.

Online access from all computers on HSE network and from any other location (password-protected remote access) is available for all users of HSE St. Petersburg Library.

Electronic Resources: To Start

Remote Access to Electronic Resources

Remote access to Electronic Resources is available for students, faculty, researchers and staff. An applicant will also get an active HSE Library account and registered HSE e-mail (name@hse.ru or name@edu.hse.ru)

To get the remote access please input data into the application form.

Within 1-5 days after the registration you will receive a reply with your login and password on e-mail address you indicated at registration.

The password is valid for 180 days and at the attempt to use it after its expiration, a new password will be automatically send to the e-mail address you indicated at registration.

Please note that the requests for remote access sent from the Moscow Library site by campus users in St. Petersburg cannot be accepted for registration.

Users may:

  • open, upload, print, save on hard drive / portable media selected journal articles and book chapters for personal use;
  • make links to Electronic Library Resources’ websites publicly available on the Internet, in social media and on other websites; these links will allow other Internet users to open Electronic Library Resources materials if they have a subscription for respective Electronic Library Resources;
  • provide paper or electronic copies of Electronic Library Resources’ materials to other people who are also authorized to use respective HSE Electronic Library Resources.

Users may not:

  • pass their login and password to other people;
  • make a copy of the whole content (i.e., all articles in a journal issue, all chapters of an e-book or all search query results), or create large volumes of copied materials (including Electronic Library Resources content) on electronic or printed media;
  • use bots (i.e., programs capable of performing automatic or scheduled actions similar to those of a user, including searches, opening or downloading materials from Electronic Library Resources websites);
  • use Electronic Library Resources for purposes outside of research, analysis, preparation of publications, articles and other materials (i.e., sale/resale of downloaded materials or deriving any other commercial benefits);
  • make Electronic Library Resources’ content publicly available on the Internet, in social media and on other websites without permission of the copyright holders and other Electronic Library Resources providers;
  • send materials via e-mail, etc., to people without access to HSE Electronic Library Resources. 


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